My Story

My mother was a world war two widow and had learnt to live for today as the tomorrow was always uncertain.  She served in the Royal Air Force as did my dad who was reported missing six months after my birth.  It was probably not uncommon to have breakfast with your friend only to find them gone by dinner.  Despite all of that, some survivors say the war years were the “best of their life.”  Maybe it’s explained by the saying:

“Our Lives Begin at  the Edge of Our Comfort Zone”

I served as an officer in the British Army and had the feeling of wanting to experience battle but wanting to avoid it too!  Remember, I was young and invincible, so nothing would happen to me personally!  Maybe the “fight or flight” part of our brain keeps us programmed to seek an adrenaline rush with the corresponding release of feel good hormones. I’m just putting this desire to “live life to the full” in a military context because of my experience. But surely we all have this desire?

There’s No Opportunity Without Risk

As a consequence of my mother’s “live for the day “ approach to life, I grew up with no meaningful conversation about my future.  Looking back, and as a parent myself, this gave me enormous freedom to explore life and a corresponding ability to take risks.

My army career ended abruptly as a young Captain aged 26 due to high frequency deafness caused by gunfire. By this time, my mother had also died as a result of breast cancer, so my only security was two months pay from the army –  I had to get a job fast!  There was no time to sit back and  think deeply about my future.

Companies did reach out to the army to find good recruits and I was offered a position in personnel management with Metal Box, a very large packaging company at that time.

I was sufficiently good to get recognition and life was pleasant but there was something missing. Waking up to routine was not challenging compared to the army.

Although a highly disciplined environment, the army allowed me to think creatively and there was nothing quite like the expanse of the desert or waking to the chatter of jungle parrots to awaken my senses.

My life became one of frequent job changes in a variety of fields purely as a result of being invited to positions that offered change.  It was in Export Sales , that I met an American customer in a pub somewhere. We were taking a pee at the same time when he asked me if I would like to come to America to run a start up company. I said “when do you need to know?”  He replied “I’m on the 11 O’clock plane to Detroit tomorrow” I replied “OK. I’ll come.”

“Opportunity Dances With Those Already On The Dance Floor”

For the last ten of my 35 years living in America, I have been running my own business at home.  The internet was very different when I started, and although I had invented a great product, I had to spend a lot of effort into its manufacture, letting people know I had it and persuading them to buy it!

Just two years ago, I was able to move production to China. I am not a millionaire but my wife was able to retire early and there’s something great about coming home from an evening out, and find that it was paid for by the time we returned. Or waking up in the morning to find that you had orders at 2a.m.!

I love to travel and enrolled in a fantastic on line course called Spanish With Paul.  So here’s Paul, and Englishman, sitting on a beach in Mexico writing Spanish lessons and selling his course to me in America and no doubt thousands of others the world over.

So why not get to know two guys who have made millions and helped others too?  The videos are RISK FREE after all!

  • Age 8 to 18 Boarding School
  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  • Infantry Office
  • Personnel Management (Now HR)
  • Management Development
  • Industrial Relations
  • Foodservice Industry
  • Production Manager Paper Sack Factory
  • International Trading
  • Export Sales Manager

Moved To America

  • Start-up CEO Automotive Aftermarket
  • Start-up CEO Environmental Consulting Company
  • Worked In MLM part and full time
  • Accidently Started A Bunk Bed Manufacturing Business At Home!
  • Opened a Bricks and Mortar Store
  • Invented The ZOO® For Storing Stuffed Animals.
  • Closed the store and started selling The ZOO online (2003)
  • 2016 Outsourced Production To China
  • Set Up US Tax Exempt company – Endangered Species Fund (ESF)


I’m currently still selling The ZOO online, running ESF, Blogging and  helping others find ways to discover their own freedom and no more Monday Mornings.